7 Things to do to stop envious of other people

Being green with someone’s envy is not fruitful. Socially humans are constrained of comparing themselves to every other human they are fantasized of. However, doing comparisons most of the time can be mentally harmful for oneself. If you spend your days wishing you were living someone else’s life, you won’t be able to live your own life to the fullest. Here are some things you can do cope with envy:




1. Find reason why are you ill will
First step towards knowing why you are constantly hatred of other. Know what bring about jealousy to you. Admitting that we are experiencing envy can be very threatening, because it means acknowledging our own weakness and insecurity. The first clue that envy is lurking may be irrational feelings of hostility towards the object of our envy.

2. Focus on your good things
After finding reason for envy, next you should do is to focus on you goodness only. Focusing on positivity of your life can bring comfort. Even if you don’t have everything your people have, you still have something to appreciate. Perhaps you love your smile or you have some dogs that mean the world to you. Even if it’s something as simple as a nice routine each day, being more positive will lead to a better you.

3. Stay less informed of other people
However, when we learn something about another person, it’s common to automatically compare ourselves to them. It’s pretty much human nature. And when we do, we are likely to find reasons to feel envious. So having too much info about other people’s lives stimulates envy. It’s a good idea to avoid being too connected to the lives of a large number of people. Of course, keep in touch with friends and people you care about, learn about their lives, but don’t stay too informed about too many people. It’s bad for you.

4. Compare Less
It’s natural to want to compare, and many times comparisons are not bad. but constantly resemblance can put you in state of never ending envy and cam destroy your bond. Remember that you haven’t had the same lucky breaks or random opportunities as other people. Sometimes all it takes is the right first job or right second job to slingshot a person into a completely different stratosphere.

5. Learn to like yourself
Another reason we got envy is because we don’t have a good opinion about ourselves.
Takin in sights of others make feeling shortage of what others have and we don’t. Get the knack of admiring your life and calibre yourself. Improving your self-image is an entire psychological process.

6. Be happy for other people
If you are struggling of jealousy constantly it might be difficult for you to appreciate others.The major thing that can evacuate your mind with envy is making ethos for grooving on others. Being happy for other people’s achievements will yield better results than being resentful.

7. Avoid other envious people
When you surround yourself with positivity, you’ll have a more optimistic outlook. If you’re surrounded by pessimistic, you’ll have a more negative demeanor. If you’re surrounded by people who are petty and say negative comments due to jealousy, you’ll be more inclined to do the same. Eliminate those naysayers, and instead keep company with people who are more willing to let their genuine feelings show. So its pretty much better to obviate the backbiting behavior.


Don’t forget to bless yourself. not everybody has the same things. People differ in their strenght and also have divers speck.

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Author: savitabhardwaj

20 yrs,Delhi

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