Signs that reveals you love Holi festival

The once in a year festival holi… which most are eagerly waiting for. Bashes of colours, gujiyaans, sweets, balloons, etc. that makes winter’s bust out. Although it’s a messy festival but hardly few are those who celebrate holi with less rage. Most are thrilled so much, their level of exhilaration is superlative. There are few and far between that depicts you are a holi lover.



1.       If you are excited lotsa about holi, you have started collecting all types of loads for it (besides caring your age). Your bucket includes all colours, syringes or pichakris , balloons,etc. Also your previous year stuff are kept at safe side for doing more fun. You are one of those who kept an extra sheaf of it.

2.  Holi lovers other than all day wakes up early that day. They are the first ones who initiated the colouring. They are unaffected whether others are woken up or not, they begin their holi as soon as they get up. Although it sounds annoying to others but they keep doing so.



3.    Unlike others you have fond of getting dirt of colours on you. These people prefer playing holi beyond all limits. They aren’t of those who doesn’t likes to get weird with holi splash. They do full participation in it.

4.    These kinds of people do not choose to stay at home. They opt to hit the roads and all their known one’s house. They go for playing vibrant holi outside their rooms.

5.      If you are also one of that who doesn’t loath about getting scuzzy because of colours or mud or water you are undeniably mad about holi. You don’t are about all such holi dirt in fact you easily fall for holi mess.

6.  After holi you really get in scene where no one could stop asking you “played so much holi!!”. Your sticky colour blot remains for 4 to 5 days atleast, which reveals your whole holi spree.

Now for holi lovers the awaited day has come..Holi.. Happy Holi !!!



Author: savitabhardwaj

20 yrs,Delhi

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