Everyone is passionate about reading the linked posts. And few are so addicted, they get dive in blog world. After reading post the first that strikes mind Is can I write it in the same way he/she did? Will people find it interesting as this is? Do I possess the deep knowledge about it? And blah blah…the very self-absolute answer to all such questions is ‘YES’.

I am also one of those who regularly interact with each post and obviously will to write also. After long I finally decided to start my blog. At first glance to me writing blog was a complex task but as much as followed process it becomes easier. All you need is an idea to write about. And rest you and your confidence plays the role.

My blogger site is about sharing morally experiences, simple lifestyle, peace and ease, happy life, hacks and motivating oneself. I will teach you what I have learnt in life, giving vast details about today’s running world.

So there is how to start a blog:

  •         The very first you have to decide the topic about which you are going to write. I have already in mind about my area of writing (I have mentioned above). Once you have decided the blog’s main objective next you can start selecting domain name or your website name.

The domain means the website name through which people can find you. Also, you have to check whether your domain name is available or not. (luckily my domain name was available). If so, then you can buy it from various domain selling website such as Bluehost, world’s leading domain and hosting company.

  •     At next you have to host your website that means the platform where you can find website. Hosting is necessary and you can’t skip it only can opt either free one or self hosting (for new blog choose free hosting).
  •     After above competed step you can activate your domain by you can install wordpress for writing blog. There you can change theme of your blog, plugins, post writing and so many other things. This app is considered as simple and safest of all. You can check the benefits of using it.


So at end blog is ready.

Then why to wait for posting your write-ups. Take your mood to start writing ( I have already made).Stop wishing, start doing.


Author: savitabhardwaj

20 yrs,Delhi


  1. I would love to follow your upcoming blogs.
    PS i know you posses a great and thoughtful mind.
    Be positive and keep those fingers floting on those keyboard as if your mind is dictating a story to your viewers.
    Eagerly waiting for you blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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