7 Things to do to stop envious of other people

Being green with someone’s envy is not fruitful. Socially humans are constrained of comparing themselves to every other human they are fantasized of. However, doing comparisons most of the time can be mentally harmful for oneself. If you spend your days wishing you were living someone else’s life, you won’t be able to live your own life to the fullest. Here are some things you can do cope with envy:




1. Find reason why are you ill will
First step towards knowing why you are constantly hatred of other. Know what bring about jealousy to you. Admitting that we are experiencing envy can be very threatening, because it means acknowledging our own weakness and insecurity. The first clue that envy is lurking may be irrational feelings of hostility towards the object of our envy.

2. Focus on your good things
After finding reason for envy, next you should do is to focus on you goodness only. Focusing on positivity of your life can bring comfort. Even if you don’t have everything your people have, you still have something to appreciate. Perhaps you love your smile or you have some dogs that mean the world to you. Even if it’s something as simple as a nice routine each day, being more positive will lead to a better you.

3. Stay less informed of other people
However, when we learn something about another person, it’s common to automatically compare ourselves to them. It’s pretty much human nature. And when we do, we are likely to find reasons to feel envious. So having too much info about other people’s lives stimulates envy. It’s a good idea to avoid being too connected to the lives of a large number of people. Of course, keep in touch with friends and people you care about, learn about their lives, but don’t stay too informed about too many people. It’s bad for you.

4. Compare Less
It’s natural to want to compare, and many times comparisons are not bad. but constantly resemblance can put you in state of never ending envy and cam destroy your bond. Remember that you haven’t had the same lucky breaks or random opportunities as other people. Sometimes all it takes is the right first job or right second job to slingshot a person into a completely different stratosphere.

5. Learn to like yourself
Another reason we got envy is because we don’t have a good opinion about ourselves.
Takin in sights of others make feeling shortage of what others have and we don’t. Get the knack of admiring your life and calibre yourself. Improving your self-image is an entire psychological process.

6. Be happy for other people
If you are struggling of jealousy constantly it might be difficult for you to appreciate others.The major thing that can evacuate your mind with envy is making ethos for grooving on others. Being happy for other people’s achievements will yield better results than being resentful.

7. Avoid other envious people
When you surround yourself with positivity, you’ll have a more optimistic outlook. If you’re surrounded by pessimistic, you’ll have a more negative demeanor. If you’re surrounded by people who are petty and say negative comments due to jealousy, you’ll be more inclined to do the same. Eliminate those naysayers, and instead keep company with people who are more willing to let their genuine feelings show. So its pretty much better to obviate the backbiting behavior.


Don’t forget to bless yourself. not everybody has the same things. People differ in their strenght and also have divers speck.

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Signs that reveals you love Holi festival

The once in a year festival holi… which most are eagerly waiting for. Bashes of colours, gujiyaans, sweets, balloons, etc. that makes winter’s bust out. Although it’s a messy festival but hardly few are those who celebrate holi with less rage. Most are thrilled so much, their level of exhilaration is superlative. There are few and far between that depicts you are a holi lover.



1.       If you are excited lotsa about holi, you have started collecting all types of loads for it (besides caring your age). Your bucket includes all colours, syringes or pichakris , balloons,etc. Also your previous year stuff are kept at safe side for doing more fun. You are one of those who kept an extra sheaf of it.

2.  Holi lovers other than all day wakes up early that day. They are the first ones who initiated the colouring. They are unaffected whether others are woken up or not, they begin their holi as soon as they get up. Although it sounds annoying to others but they keep doing so.



3.    Unlike others you have fond of getting dirt of colours on you. These people prefer playing holi beyond all limits. They aren’t of those who doesn’t likes to get weird with holi splash. They do full participation in it.

4.    These kinds of people do not choose to stay at home. They opt to hit the roads and all their known one’s house. They go for playing vibrant holi outside their rooms.

5.      If you are also one of that who doesn’t loath about getting scuzzy because of colours or mud or water you are undeniably mad about holi. You don’t are about all such holi dirt in fact you easily fall for holi mess.

6.  After holi you really get in scene where no one could stop asking you “played so much holi!!”. Your sticky colour blot remains for 4 to 5 days atleast, which reveals your whole holi spree.

Now for holi lovers the awaited day has come..Holi.. Happy Holi !!!


Amazing 5 Alternatives to Stay fit



Who in the world doesn’t like to stay fit? Barely anyone. But not everybody gets so much time to go a gym or for a dose of walking. Busy schedules however don’t get you time to do a well-advised exercise. You might get in doing wrong thing and can affect your health as well as your work. So here I’m giving some amazing alternatives for flexibility, weight loss exercises, stress relieving exercises.

Rather than walking or doing gym you can also do these simple things at your home. These are:

  • Stretch at bed   


     As your day starts you can perform a very simple exercise such as stretching or twisting. Many of us is habit of doing this but trust me this is the best thing that will wake your all muscles and give you a relax from folding at night.

  •  Dance at madness



If you are not willing to go a gym or for a walk you can at your home, start your type of music and dance mad on it. This will make your mood on cloud nine and also make you sweating. You can do any type of dance  like bhagara, belly dance, etc. but make sure you are you are doing some large moves in that.




  • Time to garden

Another thing you can do for exercising is gardening. You can go with your plants and workout with them. Activities like watering, cleaning, manuring and so on whatever you like to. Doing this will also make your garden area more prime and better. If you have not outside garden area you can do this with your plant pots also.

  • Stair stepping 


All time suitable exercise that one can do is stair stepping. Stair stepping is a great exercise to do in your home, even if you don’t have a set of stairs available. Find the biggest book you own (or a sturdy chair), put it in front of the TV, and step up and down while watching your favourite show. You may not work up a sweat like you would with a jump rope, but you will be keeping your body active and healthy.

  •  Yoga

Other than all you can do is yoga. Yoga is the best ever exercise. You can perform any kind of yoga that you know. This can be done at home or outside. Yoga is easy to do and doesn’t let you tired all day(like gym do).

So never worry about stepping out for exercise. You can choose any of the above.:)



Everyone is passionate about reading the linked posts. And few are so addicted, they get dive in blog world. After reading post the first that strikes mind Is can I write it in the same way he/she did? Will people find it interesting as this is? Do I possess the deep knowledge about it? And blah blah…the very self-absolute answer to all such questions is ‘YES’.

I am also one of those who regularly interact with each post and obviously will to write also. After long I finally decided to start my blog. At first glance to me writing blog was a complex task but as much as followed process it becomes easier. All you need is an idea to write about. And rest you and your confidence plays the role.

My blogger site is about sharing morally experiences, simple lifestyle, peace and ease, happy life, hacks and motivating oneself. I will teach you what I have learnt in life, giving vast details about today’s running world.

So there is how to start a blog:

  •         The very first you have to decide the topic about which you are going to write. I have already in mind about my area of writing (I have mentioned above). Once you have decided the blog’s main objective next you can start selecting domain name or your website name.

The domain means the website name through which people can find you. Also, you have to check whether your domain name is available or not. (luckily my domain name was available). If so, then you can buy it from various domain selling website such as Bluehost, world’s leading domain and hosting company.

  •     At next you have to host your website that means the platform where you can find website. Hosting is necessary and you can’t skip it only can opt either free one or self hosting (for new blog choose free hosting).
  •     After above competed step you can activate your domain by you can install wordpress for writing blog. There you can change theme of your blog, plugins, post writing and so many other things. This app is considered as simple and safest of all. You can check the benefits of using it.


So at end blog is ready.

Then why to wait for posting your write-ups. Take your mood to start writing ( I have already made).Stop wishing, start doing.